Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Adagio 1st Chateau Vesailles

I wish to thank you all for being patient and I want you not to worry about all bad the news that we are working to fix.   

Try to keep busy and productive and do not spread the bad news. 

Rather try and spread good news in your life or from your town, news that you know is true. 

You will have everything you expect from your new governments.

All that I ask of you is that you please keep praying for each other and believing the best in each other.   

Nomatter all the declarations and the false political initiatives floating around by the enemies of this world none of them will bear fruit, because of who they come from.

It is still Christmas where I am at and there are still people in this world who hate their brothers and say they love God.  There are still people who hate God and life and are only selfish in their ambitions.   Make sure to pray for them, but also to stay away from them and their works and let God deal with them. 

There are still people in this world who believe more in murderers than they believe even in Jesus Christ.   

There are those who wish to keep you as their slaves driving you like cattle to their democracy their socialism and communism which brought you only death and suffering.  They shout republic, republic and they care nothing for real and good government already established on this earth.

You cannot serve two masters.  You cannot serve murderers the men and those that support murderous government by lies and God’s Holy Spirit

The governments’ of God’s Holy Spirit have already been established in each nation for you.

God’s governments are not part of this conspiracy of lies.   

God’s government begins in your heart and is everlasting and is always with you as you walk in the truth and in the light. 

I have come that you might have life and freedom and that you should enjoy your world once again. 

I give you the best of my blessings and my love for your lives and the lives of your animals and your children. 

May the light of wisdom, knowledge and Holiness anoint you today and every day.

May the hope and love that surpasses all understanding encourage you each day. 

May your heart and your mind lead you to acts of peace and goodwill towards others and may our precious tender Holy Spirit who has no name bless your soul each and every day with a helping spirit and a spirit of compassion.   

May God’s understanding of the world come upon you and do not criticize what you cannot fix, but trust in our Holy Spirit and pray to our Holy Spirit who can fix the problems of this world if not with your help then without your help.   

Do not look for problems, but be a problem solver. 

Every day is a new day for opportunity to do something positive for your life.

Keep safe, tell the truth and from this path do not waver.

Do not hurt anyone or break the law and  Keep your good private personal lives to yourselves and you shall be happy.   

Learn something new every day and pray daily that you might find favor before God’s Holy Spirit who blesses those that help others and who pray and keep on the right path towards better wellness and wholeness of your spirit. 

A healthy spirit is a healthy mind and a healthy mind is life unto your soul. 

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name bless you.    

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name keep you.    

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name cause the light of heaven to shine upon you every day.  

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name grant you peace.    

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum


December 25th 2017 et December 26th 2017 Versailles France