In Session at the World Crown

Greetings to everyone,

We are working under the great protection and help of God’s Holy Spirit while reordiering our world. Lets make good use of this time and believe that we can be on top forever.

Our war against white supremacy in each Nation is unique.

In every country, we are preparing our ourselves through Public Health Military Services and where there are none they are being created.

They are very different from old Mason military objectives and secret plans and each country is responsible for policing and educating their citizens against all white supremacy terrorist operations.  Right now white supremacy terrorist operations are limited to news media and political information where lies their greatest strenght in lying to public in their international conspiracy,

It should be understood that all public health militaries are created and designed to educate citizens, afford opportunities, and maintain a military presence to protect and defend their citizens from invaders foreign and domestic.

We need Doctor/Psychologist/Sociologists types and the most Intelligent and gifted of minds at the head of our Nations countries and or militaries and educational round tables filled with the same types of people to prepare us in each nation from White Supremacist Secret Society and criminally minded people’s  Infiltration in:

  • Government
  • The Military
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • National laboratories
  • Big Business – et al
  • and any type or kind of charitable organizations or businesses they may try to use to raise money for bribes, murder, wars, assassinations, the buying of children and human slaves, the building of illegal prisons or camps to concentrate humans.

White Supremacist Secret Societies have proven themselves unfit to govern and their secret society religious practices with genocide, Human sacrifices, ethnic cleansing and supporting wars in countries not their own are unacceptable behavior.

Our National Sovereignty is what we are protecting in each Nation from World Domination thinking people and groups.

In each country our primary Military objective is to protect our citizens from the Black Hands of White Supremacy.

The Black Hands of white supremacy usually arise and come from poor areas and are primed for control by White Supremacist military operations.

Thus our goals at Angelcraft Crown World Bank and Reserve is to provide financial assistance towards each Government in helping them to rebuild their countries poverty zones and marginalized communities to reduce the probabilities of a disgruntled population.

We have to educate society where white supremacy has conditioned them to believe they are the underdogs and where children and adults are led to believe in lies and learn to hate to people even of their own color and race.

  • League of Nations Failure  World War
  • United Nations one Failure  World War
  • United Nations two Failure  World War

All three of these organizations were created towards stopping the symptoms and crimes of white supremacy and were easily penetrated.


Ban Ki Moon and Many of the former Mason World Leaders all Instruments of Black Hand White Supremacy were smart in their media but not without the contempt of people for the high crimes they were responsible for.

Now that their Mason leaders are gone the soldiers the Black Hands of white supremacy are putting up vulgar videos like this one below uploaded in May 2017

Inside our nations we have a great periodical records of the Infiltrations of White Supremacy and their works causing problems and conflict inside Society.

Lack of holistic group support by Masons and associations affiliated with Secret Societies has been a historical problem that has keep many states and regions towns and cities poor and primed for white supremacists activities and these activities as we have discovered are not limited to poor areas but they affect the middle class and the priviledge families as well.

After the Trade Center Bombings a White Supremacy Black Hand Operation that took Internal Cooperation by Masons of the United States of America who intended to cover it up.

Round Table Topics for citizens and leaders

  • Media current and past problems with lies and conspiracy of lies in the media
  • Child and Human Trafficking
  • The Sex Trade
  • White Supremacy & Black Hand Terrorism
  • Illegal Drug Trade
  • Education’s weaknesses and Strengths
  • The New Royal Assembly to replace the United Nations .e.g. no more third-party representation.
  • illiminating all possible ways White Supremacy Mason Greek Fraternal terrorism can infiltrate our members
  • Poverty
  • New Education made easy programs for Adults of any age and refraining from G.E.D. certificate thinking.
  • Issues of Freedom and censorship:  The banning of books, groups and associations that promote the romantic white supremacist literature a literature that the highest levels is mixed with the occult, magic, mysticism, cabala,  witchcraft wizardry and sorcery.
  • et al.

A well educated prosperous spiritually well groomed society respected in their good National Values will have no problems with war and white supremacy as long as goods services and benefits keep flowing and good affordable or subsidized housing is made available.

This ends todays – In Session – The format here at the World Crown May soon be changing to a simpler format.  This is now my personal working space.

We have several website Ideas and presentations for the official world crown that I need to review and approve.  I also may start phase II of my working space and leave this website as is and maybe still write  in it from time to time.

Despite these good things that we all want for our nations, white supremacy and their secret societies are still working at this moment to undo our peace and how far we have come by the Grace of God’s Holy Spirit.

Today they appear like angels of light, but they are not good people and desire only the darkeness  to enter back into this world.

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft



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