Greetings and well wishes.

I want to thank everyone for their support and cooperation in matters of law enforcement and the military.   

Everyone should around world in all areas of global importance and upper level administration and management should by now be well conditioned by the way the world crown works and operates. 

We work among you as well as with you so everybody right down to the our weakest member reflects positive results and we work miracles in corrections and sometimes that’s where some people need to go. 

Now that you know who I am and why I do the things that I do, we can move on and continue working together in law, aerospace, police and security,  in government, in banking and in business.

And of course we cannot forget about ballet, dance and performing arts and how exciting every performance is going to be during this historical time. 

Then there are all the children and animals still to worry about.

With the grace and help of our precious tender Holy Spirit who has no name, there is nothing that together we cannot do.

Under my authority, you will realize after a while that you have never been or felt more free in your life and that’s important to me. 

Now you know how government of the people and by the people can go wrong.  I have no problem with voting.  You can elect anyone you want but they are not going to have any power and no say in government or how the budget is handled. 

You have representation and before me your Queen or your King is your representation and matters of money are only a problem to ignorant people and white supremacists-socialists-communists who have no money.

Power can corrupt even people who vote and such power can get to the heads of any population. 

As the men you voted for or did not vote for proved true is that both people and governors elected or appointed by powers not of God are a house of Cards.

In the aftermath of the Mason Holocaust we still live in the LIES you once adored so much these last 7 years and even before.   

Freemasonry and Masonry have a very bad track records and are known liers. May peace be on the victims of their murderous Idol worshipping political religions.   

I hate to remind you, but its necessary.  I also remind you not to let down and to look for white supremacy and secrety society behavior in your members and learn how to exact justice in society and rely on prayer and the legal framework of every consitution and you should keep these men and their supporters who only want money and power at bey.   

I leave now with these few words.

The words of God bless and strike through us differently but at least they strike on our behalf; and they also strive to correct our behavior so we can begin to live again. We should never suffer under the Yoke of God and any suffering we experience is by our own afflictions during these days in which the processes justice that liberated you, continue to work on your behalf; and God’s justice and reordering of this world does not seek nor need your support or approval, because in the end God knows your going to be happy if you are not happy already. 

My prayers are always with you.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft

Letters from the heart – Today is December 10 2017 La Couronne Monde Château Versailles


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