There is much for us to learn about our world and ourselves.  There is much to remember about our history and many exciting fun and wonderous ways to go about our new learning. – JC Angelcraft 

Title of this article:

There are still some things blessed by the Holy Spirit that are magical

France November 15 2017 Chateau Versailles.

There are still some things blessed by the Holy Spirit that are magical such as that special feeling we get when we come across a  little bed and breakfast in a small village in some distant place of the world that we have traveled to relax and enjoy the simpleness of everyday life.

These are places that have outdoor markets that sell squash fruits and berries and all sorts of arts and crafts and even fish from the sea.

There are places by sea still where we can buy a fish directly from the fishermen or the merchant who woke up earlier than us to get the best stuff.

Blessed is our Holy Spirit who lets us take from the sea and helps us to make commerce from the fruits of the land.

We are so well protected by our Holy Spirit that our worst enemy is man.

We have to be careful of men or people who intervene in the good things of God and men and the people who lie about everything under the sun to try and depress the economy and what are otherwise happy days for everyone around the world.

Blessed is our Holy Spirit of no name who brings forth bread from the earth and every fruit from its vine and all things that are good to eat.

Today in United States especially in Louisiana with concern to Lousianaland, discussions among ourselves inside our homes and with each other about the future of the state and improving our way of life are being held.

Louisiana is one of many magical places that exists in this world and as it is, it is a charming, but poor place in some areas more than others, but the people are as noble as any aristocracy and society that ever lived under the auspices of our Holy Spirit our great and noble monarch who the more time we give to by helping each other and loving one another and dong out best to be good people,  the better things get for us in every part of the world.

Our world is filled with many magical places, magic that can only be brought about by God’s Holy Spirit.

This is called the magic of life, a miracle of feeling faith and wonder instilled in the everyday things of life.

Others call this the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

It is through this blessing the magic of life, the magic of love and the magic of Disney bring to life the economic potential inside every small town that we have in this world…even a little place like Mumbles England.

By themselves these places have special qualities and a character that challenge us to discover their hidden treasures.

These are places whose people have to be protected and around the world we have people who are marked as unworthy by the men of white supremacy, people of every race and color are targeted by these secret societies and their associations.

The world is 99% committed to good religion but even a  1% Nazi world is capable of killing and murdering many by deception and chemical warfare and bio-terrorism.

These men are capable of ruining our crops and they love to control water and force populations to move into their grip, a grip of death.

So as we prosper, we have to look for signs of their militancy to protect our crops, our farms our children and our collective future and way of life. 

These white supremacist are not all white, but they come from different countries and they only look to get rich caring little for others.  These men and those that support them work in secret for Nazi white supremacy and they are the reason we have terrorism in this world.

But we cannot live in fear and our Disney-World is all around us.   

We have a little Lousianaland in each country, in each city just waiting for to be blessed by our Holy Spirit working together with the good people of the land each in their own area. 

Places like Louisianaland are the places of  our every day life in our every day world blessed and more blessed as each day passes.

In Lousiana the descendents and the Children of Louis have created urban environments with a rich multicultural,  multilingual heritage, being so strongly influenced by a mixture of 18th-century  French,  Spanish, Native American, and African cultures that they are considered to be exceptional in the US. Before the  American  purchase of the territory in 1803, the current Louisiana State had been both a French colony and for a brief period.

The area of Louisiana used to be called  (New France) the name a combination of the French King Louis XIV the Sun King  and a very special woman name Anne and perhaps Queen Anne a Regent of France. 

Why did they called him the Sun  King?  Well some people called him the  son-king because when he was young, he worshipped the son.  That is the son of God. 

Then there are historians and even gypsie zoroastrians who will attest to King Louise being the reincarnation of Shakespeare and even Jesus Christ himself.   

Thats with you always Jesus Christ he who was he who is in the present and he is always to come again. 

“Contigo siempre

as they say in spanish and the world was then ruled from France back then much like it is today where it is home to La Courrone.

The name “Louisiana” shows both charm and a delicate sensistivity that Louis XIV had for Anne.

French Louisiana was an administrative district of New France.  

It was a much larger territory under French control 1682 to 1762 and 1802 (nominally) to 1803.

The area was named in honor of King Louis XIV, by French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle so they say. 

The Louisiana Territory originally covered an expansive territory that included most of the drainage basin of the Mississippi River and stretched from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rocky Mountains. 

And in this area many men and women and families from France and Europe and from the east coast of the United States found freedom.  

In the Louisiana Territory these simple good hard working people as well had to find their peace with the Native Americans and French was the dominant language of the Area tought in simple schools and later English and Spanish became languages offered in schools as electives. 

Today even on the west coast of the United States of America you can learn French in almost any school.   

There is much for us to learn about our world and ourselves. 

 There is much to remember about our history and many exciting fun and wonderous ways to go about our new learning. 

In every life we learn about our world all over again.


Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st La Couronne Monde Chateau Versailles France 

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