La carrière et la vie d’un activiste n’est pas une vie facile.

La vie et la route pour être un roi choisi par Dieu pour gouverner est encore plus difficile.

Je ne peux ni nier ni suffisamment vous exprimer pleinement la souffrance que j’ai éprouvée pour que je puisse vous écrire même aujourd’hui ces quelques mots dans l’éternité qui nous rapprocheront du temps que nous attendons tous.

Je peux vous dire avec une certaine confiance que nous sommes près d’un moment plus public où vous verrez plus de moi.

C’est un moment qui a été durement combattu par la foi et la prière et gagné avec beaucoup de souffrance.

En plus du travail du gouvernement et de la sécurité, je travaille dans les médias et la mode.

Quand j’étais jeune, je travaillais comme mannequin et j’étais aussi à la télévision. Je n’aurais jamais pensé que de toute ma vie je serais aussi célèbre que moi. Être célèbre n’est pas une priorité pour moi.

Mon truc consiste à faire avancer les choses pour que vous puissiez tous gagner de l’argent et vivre dans un monde libéré de la menace des politiciens maçons et de leur doctrine de suprématie blanche.

Ma vie pour moi consiste à faire mon travail au gouvernement et dans les affaires. Ma vie consiste aussi à travailler dans l’application de la loi et l’armée par la grâce de Dieu afin que nous puissions tous avancer.

Je pars maintenant avec une simple prière.

Je vous tiens et vos enfants dans la prière ensemble tous les animaux de la ferme et vos animaux de compagnie et votre agriculture.

Que vous ayez tous une belle deuxième moitié du mois de janvier

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1er Nome de Plum JC Angelcraft Dominus Dominorumest et rexregum et reginarum




Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Adagio 1st Chateau Vesailles

I wish to thank you all for being patient and I want you not to worry about all bad the news that we are working to fix.   

Try to keep busy and productive and do not spread the bad news. 

Rather try and spread good news in your life or from your town, news that you know is true. 

You will have everything you expect from your new governments.

All that I ask of you is that you please keep praying for each other and believing the best in each other.   

Nomatter all the declarations and the false political initiatives floating around by the enemies of this world none of them will bear fruit, because of who they come from.

It is still Christmas where I am at and there are still people in this world who hate their brothers and say they love God.  There are still people who hate God and life and are only selfish in their ambitions.   Make sure to pray for them, but also to stay away from them and their works and let God deal with them. 

There are still people in this world who believe more in murderers than they believe even in Jesus Christ.   

There are those who wish to keep you as their slaves driving you like cattle to their democracy their socialism and communism which brought you only death and suffering.  They shout republic, republic and they care nothing for real and good government already established on this earth.

You cannot serve two masters.  You cannot serve murderers the men and those that support murderous government by lies and God’s Holy Spirit

The governments’ of God’s Holy Spirit have already been established in each nation for you.

God’s governments are not part of this conspiracy of lies.   

God’s government begins in your heart and is everlasting and is always with you as you walk in the truth and in the light. 

I have come that you might have life and freedom and that you should enjoy your world once again. 

I give you the best of my blessings and my love for your lives and the lives of your animals and your children. 

May the light of wisdom, knowledge and Holiness anoint you today and every day.

May the hope and love that surpasses all understanding encourage you each day. 

May your heart and your mind lead you to acts of peace and goodwill towards others and may our precious tender Holy Spirit who has no name bless your soul each and every day with a helping spirit and a spirit of compassion.   

May God’s understanding of the world come upon you and do not criticize what you cannot fix, but trust in our Holy Spirit and pray to our Holy Spirit who can fix the problems of this world if not with your help then without your help.   

Do not look for problems, but be a problem solver. 

Every day is a new day for opportunity to do something positive for your life.

Keep safe, tell the truth and from this path do not waver.

Do not hurt anyone or break the law and  Keep your good private personal lives to yourselves and you shall be happy.   

Learn something new every day and pray daily that you might find favor before God’s Holy Spirit who blesses those that help others and who pray and keep on the right path towards better wellness and wholeness of your spirit. 

A healthy spirit is a healthy mind and a healthy mind is life unto your soul. 

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name bless you.    

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name keep you.    

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name cause the light of heaven to shine upon you every day.  

May our precious tender Holy Spirit of no name grant you peace.    

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum


December 25th 2017 et December 26th 2017 Versailles France



Set yourself apart from the workers of iniquity.

Unbelievers do not all necessarily work iniquity the way we might think. 

Many are on their own road and path to spiritual healing and have an appointed time and date when they will get to know God all over again and God shall mend their wounds and heal their hearts restoring their spirits to a state of renewal so they can be born again.   

It is good to know of all things that are good for learning and instruction.  

We can gain advantage in life by knowing scripture.

Good science is also scripture.

Knowing all aspects of education and still embracing the miracle of the words of our Holy Spirit truly sets us apart.

Do not defend yourself against a non-believer for by reason they will not hear you.

Rather show your Godliness and your goodness by your love and instead of arguing try to find something you both have in common to have a pleasant conversation.   

It is by our example that others come to believe. 

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st  nom de plume JC Angelcraft 

Chateau Versailles France Dec 22, 2017 @ 08:09 

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In Session at the World Crown

Greetings to everyone,

We are working under the great protection and help of God’s Holy Spirit while reordiering our world. Lets make good use of this time and believe that we can be on top forever.

Our war against white supremacy in each Nation is unique.

In every country, we are preparing our ourselves through Public Health Military Services and where there are none they are being created.

They are very different from old Mason military objectives and secret plans and each country is responsible for policing and educating their citizens against all white supremacy terrorist operations.  Right now white supremacy terrorist operations are limited to news media and political information where lies their greatest strenght in lying to public in their international conspiracy,

It should be understood that all public health militaries are created and designed to educate citizens, afford opportunities, and maintain a military presence to protect and defend their citizens from invaders foreign and domestic.

We need Doctor/Psychologist/Sociologists types and the most Intelligent and gifted of minds at the head of our Nations countries and or militaries and educational round tables filled with the same types of people to prepare us in each nation from White Supremacist Secret Society and criminally minded people’s  Infiltration in:

  • Government
  • The Military
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • National laboratories
  • Big Business – et al
  • and any type or kind of charitable organizations or businesses they may try to use to raise money for bribes, murder, wars, assassinations, the buying of children and human slaves, the building of illegal prisons or camps to concentrate humans.

White Supremacist Secret Societies have proven themselves unfit to govern and their secret society religious practices with genocide, Human sacrifices, ethnic cleansing and supporting wars in countries not their own are unacceptable behavior.

Our National Sovereignty is what we are protecting in each Nation from World Domination thinking people and groups.

In each country our primary Military objective is to protect our citizens from the Black Hands of White Supremacy.

The Black Hands of white supremacy usually arise and come from poor areas and are primed for control by White Supremacist military operations.

Thus our goals at Angelcraft Crown World Bank and Reserve is to provide financial assistance towards each Government in helping them to rebuild their countries poverty zones and marginalized communities to reduce the probabilities of a disgruntled population.

We have to educate society where white supremacy has conditioned them to believe they are the underdogs and where children and adults are led to believe in lies and learn to hate to people even of their own color and race.

  • League of Nations Failure  World War
  • United Nations one Failure  World War
  • United Nations two Failure  World War

All three of these organizations were created towards stopping the symptoms and crimes of white supremacy and were easily penetrated.


Ban Ki Moon and Many of the former Mason World Leaders all Instruments of Black Hand White Supremacy were smart in their media but not without the contempt of people for the high crimes they were responsible for.

Now that their Mason leaders are gone the soldiers the Black Hands of white supremacy are putting up vulgar videos like this one below uploaded in May 2017

Inside our nations we have a great periodical records of the Infiltrations of White Supremacy and their works causing problems and conflict inside Society.

Lack of holistic group support by Masons and associations affiliated with Secret Societies has been a historical problem that has keep many states and regions towns and cities poor and primed for white supremacists activities and these activities as we have discovered are not limited to poor areas but they affect the middle class and the priviledge families as well.

After the Trade Center Bombings a White Supremacy Black Hand Operation that took Internal Cooperation by Masons of the United States of America who intended to cover it up.

Round Table Topics for citizens and leaders

  • Media current and past problems with lies and conspiracy of lies in the media
  • Child and Human Trafficking
  • The Sex Trade
  • White Supremacy & Black Hand Terrorism
  • Illegal Drug Trade
  • Education’s weaknesses and Strengths
  • The New Royal Assembly to replace the United Nations .e.g. no more third-party representation.
  • illiminating all possible ways White Supremacy Mason Greek Fraternal terrorism can infiltrate our members
  • Poverty
  • New Education made easy programs for Adults of any age and refraining from G.E.D. certificate thinking.
  • Issues of Freedom and censorship:  The banning of books, groups and associations that promote the romantic white supremacist literature a literature that the highest levels is mixed with the occult, magic, mysticism, cabala,  witchcraft wizardry and sorcery.
  • et al.

A well educated prosperous spiritually well groomed society respected in their good National Values will have no problems with war and white supremacy as long as goods services and benefits keep flowing and good affordable or subsidized housing is made available.

This ends todays – In Session – The format here at the World Crown May soon be changing to a simpler format.  This is now my personal working space.

We have several website Ideas and presentations for the official world crown that I need to review and approve.  I also may start phase II of my working space and leave this website as is and maybe still write  in it from time to time.

Despite these good things that we all want for our nations, white supremacy and their secret societies are still working at this moment to undo our peace and how far we have come by the Grace of God’s Holy Spirit.

Today they appear like angels of light, but they are not good people and desire only the darkeness  to enter back into this world.

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft




Greetings and well wishes.

I want to thank everyone for their support and cooperation in matters of law enforcement and the military.   

Everyone should around world in all areas of global importance and upper level administration and management should by now be well conditioned by the way the world crown works and operates. 

We work among you as well as with you so everybody right down to the our weakest member reflects positive results and we work miracles in corrections and sometimes that’s where some people need to go. 

Now that you know who I am and why I do the things that I do, we can move on and continue working together in law, aerospace, police and security,  in government, in banking and in business.

And of course we cannot forget about ballet, dance and performing arts and how exciting every performance is going to be during this historical time. 

Then there are all the children and animals still to worry about.

With the grace and help of our precious tender Holy Spirit who has no name, there is nothing that together we cannot do.

Under my authority, you will realize after a while that you have never been or felt more free in your life and that’s important to me. 

Now you know how government of the people and by the people can go wrong.  I have no problem with voting.  You can elect anyone you want but they are not going to have any power and no say in government or how the budget is handled. 

You have representation and before me your Queen or your King is your representation and matters of money are only a problem to ignorant people and white supremacists-socialists-communists who have no money.

Power can corrupt even people who vote and such power can get to the heads of any population. 

As the men you voted for or did not vote for proved true is that both people and governors elected or appointed by powers not of God are a house of Cards.

In the aftermath of the Mason Holocaust we still live in the LIES you once adored so much these last 7 years and even before.   

Freemasonry and Masonry have a very bad track records and are known liers. May peace be on the victims of their murderous Idol worshipping political religions.   

I hate to remind you, but its necessary.  I also remind you not to let down and to look for white supremacy and secrety society behavior in your members and learn how to exact justice in society and rely on prayer and the legal framework of every consitution and you should keep these men and their supporters who only want money and power at bey.   

I leave now with these few words.

The words of God bless and strike through us differently but at least they strike on our behalf; and they also strive to correct our behavior so we can begin to live again. We should never suffer under the Yoke of God and any suffering we experience is by our own afflictions during these days in which the processes justice that liberated you, continue to work on your behalf; and God’s justice and reordering of this world does not seek nor need your support or approval, because in the end God knows your going to be happy if you are not happy already. 

My prayers are always with you.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft

Letters from the heart – Today is December 10 2017 La Couronne Monde Château Versailles


There is much for us to learn about our world and ourselves.  There is much to remember about our history and many exciting fun and wonderous ways to go about our new learning. – JC Angelcraft 

Title of this article:

There are still some things blessed by the Holy Spirit that are magical

France November 15 2017 Chateau Versailles.

There are still some things blessed by the Holy Spirit that are magical such as that special feeling we get when we come across a  little bed and breakfast in a small village in some distant place of the world that we have traveled to relax and enjoy the simpleness of everyday life.

These are places that have outdoor markets that sell squash fruits and berries and all sorts of arts and crafts and even fish from the sea.

There are places by sea still where we can buy a fish directly from the fishermen or the merchant who woke up earlier than us to get the best stuff.

Blessed is our Holy Spirit who lets us take from the sea and helps us to make commerce from the fruits of the land.

We are so well protected by our Holy Spirit that our worst enemy is man.

We have to be careful of men or people who intervene in the good things of God and men and the people who lie about everything under the sun to try and depress the economy and what are otherwise happy days for everyone around the world.

Blessed is our Holy Spirit of no name who brings forth bread from the earth and every fruit from its vine and all things that are good to eat.

Today in United States especially in Louisiana with concern to Lousianaland, discussions among ourselves inside our homes and with each other about the future of the state and improving our way of life are being held.

Louisiana is one of many magical places that exists in this world and as it is, it is a charming, but poor place in some areas more than others, but the people are as noble as any aristocracy and society that ever lived under the auspices of our Holy Spirit our great and noble monarch who the more time we give to by helping each other and loving one another and dong out best to be good people,  the better things get for us in every part of the world.

Our world is filled with many magical places, magic that can only be brought about by God’s Holy Spirit.

This is called the magic of life, a miracle of feeling faith and wonder instilled in the everyday things of life.

Others call this the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

It is through this blessing the magic of life, the magic of love and the magic of Disney bring to life the economic potential inside every small town that we have in this world…even a little place like Mumbles England.

By themselves these places have special qualities and a character that challenge us to discover their hidden treasures.

These are places whose people have to be protected and around the world we have people who are marked as unworthy by the men of white supremacy, people of every race and color are targeted by these secret societies and their associations.

The world is 99% committed to good religion but even a  1% Nazi world is capable of killing and murdering many by deception and chemical warfare and bio-terrorism.

These men are capable of ruining our crops and they love to control water and force populations to move into their grip, a grip of death.

So as we prosper, we have to look for signs of their militancy to protect our crops, our farms our children and our collective future and way of life. 

These white supremacist are not all white, but they come from different countries and they only look to get rich caring little for others.  These men and those that support them work in secret for Nazi white supremacy and they are the reason we have terrorism in this world.

But we cannot live in fear and our Disney-World is all around us.   

We have a little Lousianaland in each country, in each city just waiting for to be blessed by our Holy Spirit working together with the good people of the land each in their own area. 

Places like Louisianaland are the places of  our every day life in our every day world blessed and more blessed as each day passes.

In Lousiana the descendents and the Children of Louis have created urban environments with a rich multicultural,  multilingual heritage, being so strongly influenced by a mixture of 18th-century  French,  Spanish, Native American, and African cultures that they are considered to be exceptional in the US. Before the  American  purchase of the territory in 1803, the current Louisiana State had been both a French colony and for a brief period.

The area of Louisiana used to be called  (New France) the name a combination of the French King Louis XIV the Sun King  and a very special woman name Anne and perhaps Queen Anne a Regent of France. 

Why did they called him the Sun  King?  Well some people called him the  son-king because when he was young, he worshipped the son.  That is the son of God. 

Then there are historians and even gypsie zoroastrians who will attest to King Louise being the reincarnation of Shakespeare and even Jesus Christ himself.   

Thats with you always Jesus Christ he who was he who is in the present and he is always to come again. 

« Contigo siempre« 

as they say in spanish and the world was then ruled from France back then much like it is today where it is home to La Courrone.

The name « Louisiana » shows both charm and a delicate sensistivity that Louis XIV had for Anne.

French Louisiana was an administrative district of New France.  

It was a much larger territory under French control 1682 to 1762 and 1802 (nominally) to 1803.

The area was named in honor of King Louis XIV, by French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle so they say. 

The Louisiana Territory originally covered an expansive territory that included most of the drainage basin of the Mississippi River and stretched from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rocky Mountains. 

And in this area many men and women and families from France and Europe and from the east coast of the United States found freedom.  

In the Louisiana Territory these simple good hard working people as well had to find their peace with the Native Americans and French was the dominant language of the Area tought in simple schools and later English and Spanish became languages offered in schools as electives. 

Today even on the west coast of the United States of America you can learn French in almost any school.   

There is much for us to learn about our world and ourselves. 

 There is much to remember about our history and many exciting fun and wonderous ways to go about our new learning. 

In every life we learn about our world all over again.


Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st La Couronne Monde Chateau Versailles France 

  I pray that your good nature – something that exists in all of us – overcome all things – Adagio 1st

France Chateau Versailles November 14 2017 –  As the world has suffered, I also have suffered with you and while I live, no nation will be ignored.

While I live, not a single soul will be ignored unless you ignore them and no souls shall suffer unless you cause their suffering and it is written be good to one another and kind to one another that all shall well for you.

All souls are capable of working in society. All souls are worthy to be educated.

It does not matter how tall, how old you are or how beautiful you look and whether you are poor or lack of education you have,  all souls have the right to work and the right to be paid with a good and fair minimum wage.

While I live and every time I return, the world will find its balance and under my rule people will not be punished for caring or for  loving others. Under my rule people will not be punished for loving animals or loving their environment and their world.

May the Holy Spirit help us to never again allow in our midst the elements of the Secret Societies by vote or appointment that evil that exercises witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery, and mysticism, to dominate our lives, our hard earned money, our countries and governments.

May the Holy Spirit help us NOT to empower people and initiatives that are false and work only to the interests of secret Nazi plans and are things that challenge my authority and my wisdom to do things better for you.

The nazi political people keep information away from me and other important people so that I excercise no influence over it and citizens are led to believe in a majority of voters who never existed through today’s white supremacy electronic balloting and use of the Internet and their human drones to exercise their will not caring for the will of the people who they try to keep from me.

I and the good people and leaders and organizations departments and real militaries and real governments of this people are one and we are in an information war. So nothing done to undermine citizens without telling them the whole truth about whats behind false legislation will prosper.

These people of such initiatives void of my presence and full attention on the side secretly use mysticism and worship idols and if they could they would do human sacrifices to gain wealth and govern the world.

I ask our Holy Spirit to help us and give us the strength to resist the men of death and their charms. Nazism by namy name wherer its called socialist, a republic, a democracy, communism, fascism, a dictorial theocracy or monarchy controlled by white supremacy are NOT good for this world.

May the Holy Spirit help us to educate the men and women of society and children so that they do not grow up admiring the secret societies, the Nazis, or the men of Masonry, men of religious political parties who practice the occult and human sacrifices in secret.

May God help anyone who enters into agreement with any violent forces or even false peaceful groups of men and women who pretend to be victims and who secretly want power and riches in this world.

These are the same NAZIs that twice in WWI and WWII made our world a living hell through two world wars and we are today at war with the same kind of thinking and men that twice decided to destroy our world.

In order to defeat them again, we must defeat their propoganda, their system of news, their conspiracies of lies, their system of education, and their thinking that lies to the people making them feel comfortable before putting them in concentration camps.

Again I say to men and women of this world, it is wrong to use the occult, witchcraft and human and animal sacrifices and mysticism for anything and especially to get rich or win and gain power in government. This is not how things are supposed to work.

There are many things to study and do in order to occupy your time. Live life as if none of this bad news existed.  Don’t pay attention to this news or these undermining political maneuvers looking to upset your government and your world’s balance and the world is again in your hands.

The world is waiting for you to discover it. Just use the keys and your keyboard to discover it and one day God will give you an opportunity to get to know it better.

Google Earth https://www.google.com/earth/

I leave you with my blessing and my assurence that daily the processes of justice are working on your behalf.

The better part of who you are is that part I trust and I pray for the most.  I pray that your good nature, asomething that exists in all of us overcome all things and all obsticles that keep you from being happy and succeeding in the goals that you set our for yourself.

May you be guided daily by the light that abides in those who love God. May you be blessed in your days chores and your nights resting knowing and trusting in the providence that established this world and each Peoples and nations of this world.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st  Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft  La Couronne Monde Château Versailles

My Facebook account(s) are intended educate, and to keep people aware of important changes and keep things calm as opposed to terrified.

I hope to keep it that way.


La Couronne Monde Chateau Versailles France https://francelarenaissancedejesuschristleroyaumedescieux.wordpress.com